Welcome To FLINGO

Welcome To Flingo Foods !

Are you looking for fruit juice? Check out the most popular fruit juice brands in India. Everybody loves fruits and fruit juices. Days have changed, as now people do not drain out the juices from the fruit at home as everybody is busy in their own life. Here check out the popular fruit juice brands in India. Today we live in an era of packaged fruit juice, and the market is flooded with numerous brands. All the brands promise to provide excellent and fresh fruit juice at their end. Some of them are fake and not trusted brands. It is not easy to choose the best one for you and your family. Here we are sharing some trusted brands for fruit juice in India. Check them out.

We Are Flingo

India’s first listed pure-play beverage Company and one of the leading fruit juice manufacturers. Our spectacular growth is matched only by our enthusiasm to serve our customers in the chosen markets and segments. We are a proud partner of India’s growth story. Rooted deeply in the Indian ethos, we value Indian culture and values to the core. Our endeavour has been to work with local partners and farmers to grow and benefit along with us in this journey of value co-creation.

Our Creations

Black Knight Soda

Guava Juice

Mango Drink

Goodness of Apple