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Mango Juice

Uncorking the freshness of field-ripe mangoes in every sip, Mango Sip commands prominence and visibility by being the most preferred mango drink across India. Be it a mall in an urban city, or a provision store in any rural taluka, Mango Sip is never too far from your lips. If mango is the national fruit, Mango Sip is the national drink, available across all major formats of IRCTC. The ripe mango juiciness combines with a refreshing taste to make Mango Sip the perfect thirst quencher on a ‘sunny’ summer day.

Mango season is here to stay, with all natural fruit juice bottled in Fruits Up Mango. Die hard fans of Indian mango are sure to taste the authentic fruit flavour of sweet Indian mangoes in every glassful of healthy and tasty Fruits Up Mango, with no synthetic base or artificial flavours. Forget peeling, now you can uncork a ripe mango on the go and savour the chilled juice all year long.